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Our interior seated capacity is approximately 80 while our interior standing room capacity is approximately 200.
Our outdoor space will comfortably seat 60, with standing room capacity of approximately 200.

We'll provide the space you need, whether that's a handful of tables or the whole brewery. You can decide what else is included, whether that's beer, food, cocktails, or coffee. Our pricing is dependent on a lot of factors, including the date, time, and size of your event—but we'll work with you to find a way to fit your budget.

No! You can reserve as much of the space as you need for your event, whether that's a few tables or the entire brewery.

They are!

First, get in touch! We want to make sure your dates are available and we can help you bring to life what you're envisioning. You can click here or use the big red button below ⬇️.